Introduction of Dr. Rajesh Srivastav


The necessity of positive energy for our lives cannot be underestimated. Houses that are built according to the vastu principles generate a lot of positive vibrations and are therefore highly conducive to a happy and prosperous life. On the other hand, if there are strong violations of the vastu principles, there shall be negative energies giving way to struggles and problems


About Shree Chitragupt Institute Of Astro Studies and Research

The human today is surviving in a stressful lifestyle and needs to go back to a pleasant lifestyle. It is necessary to harmonize the environment and keep negativity away from Personal and Professional life. Vedic astrology is the decipline which let you know the events happening in human life and in Universe. For maintaining a harmonious life Positive Energy is the ultimate solution. Shree Chitragupt Institute Of Astro Studies and Research is specialized in Geopathic Stress Analysis, Vastu Consultancy for Home, Offices, Factories and Plants. Under guidance of Dr. Rajesh Srivastav, a Geopathic Consultant in India, ChitraguptAstroVatu has proved its excellence in field of Vedic astrology.

Dr. Rajesh Srivastav (CHAIRMAN)

Dr. Rajesh Srivastav, Doctor of Vastu Shastra- Ph.D, founder of Chitragupt Institute of Astro Studies and Research Center, is a Gold Medalist and life member of International Astro Foundation (India). He has expertise in Advance Astrological Remedies, Aura Cleansing, Vastu and Geopathic Stress Analysis and Geopathic Stress Removal. His destiny took him to pursue detailed Astrological Research and the study of remedial Astro- vaastu solutions- an healer as his main focus.

Dr Rajesh Srivastav
International Astrologer

Our Services

  • Analysis of Geopathic Stress

  • Distance Analysis

  • Chakra Analysis and Healing

  • Grah dosh analysis

  • Recommendation of your lucky stones

  • Yoga analysiss

What people say about us

We can create our future and destiny by Shree Chitragupt Institute of Astro Studies and Research

This is really effective vastu shastra

Mr. Dinesh Verma (CEO of Euonus IT )

Good achievements.Deep and thorough knowledge in Astrology field,especially in the Vastu & Aura.Wishing more and every success in this field.

Mr.J P Sharma, Insurance Surveyor & Loss Accessor, Sawai Madhopur(Raj.)

I would like to mention about your last visit to our family on my request and read understand the family sufferings due to Vastu Dosh and other Nakshatra effects on us. Your study and remedial measures suggested have surely affected the change in us. Thankful to you for the same. Opening of your branch in Jaipur will surely benefit the locals as well as the nearby people, greatly their sufferings will be mitigated soon.

Mr. D C Sud, IFS(Retd.), Jaipur(Raj.)

It indeed a very great pleasure to learn about you and your knowledge about Vastu/Jyotish over such a long time. Your understanding of Geopathic Stresses and it's subsequently remedial measures in removing area of negative vibrations in my office has resulted/contributed to increase our professional as well as financial growth.


Mr. Amit Lunia,Chief operating officer, Indo-lbarki Quality Consulting LLO., Gurgaon, Jaipur.

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